UAW Region 1A - Chuck Browning
2020 - Union Pioneer Scholarship Winners

Solidarity For Justice

Please come join us for a peaceful rally and show our Solidarity for Justice!


Emma Mosley

Mother of DDC Employee - Alicia Boggs

Passed Away - Tuesday, May 26th

Melvin Cummins
DDC Retiree

Father of DDC Employee - Steve Cummins

Passed Away - June 1, 2020


UAW President Rory Gamble is calling on American's to come together in the wake of the death of George Floyd, and the disturbances that followed.  WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert spoke with Gamble...

Richard "Moe" Morris

Former Vice President - UAW Local 163
DDC Retiree

The Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program is a solid resource for union members during difficult times, especially during a layoff. The program, administered through the AFL-CIO Mutual Benefit Plan, provides interest-free loans and grants to help make mortgage payments for members who are disabled, unemployed, locked out or on strike, or on layoff. Members who qualify for the Mortgage Assistance loan benefit also receive a one-time grant of $1,000.

UAW Local 862 member and registered nurse Michelle Crumbie has worked in a hospital as an X-ray technician, and as a nurse in the hospital, the local health department and as a veteran’s benefits representative.

Derek Bell

DDC Employee

I want to send a message to the family of George Floyd. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through in these hours after your son’s tragic and needless death. As a father and grandfather, I want to personally extend my most heartfelt sympathy to your family.