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Union members in the public sector are once again under attack and need our support. The Snyder-appointed Civil Service Commission is using the cover of a global pandemic to engage in underhanded union busting targeted at State of Michigan workers. This is not only an attack on dedicated state employees, but also their ability to provide quality public services to the people of Michigan. At a time when state workers have been on the frontlines of protecting the people of Michigan from the coronavirus, these anti-worker commissioners are trying to undermine the right of state employees to collectively bargain. Stand with our brothers and sisters and tell the Civil Service Commission to end these anti-union attacks.

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National Apprenticeship Awareness and Appreciation Week
November 8th - 14th, 2020

This training will be web based and free to Region 1A members.  Participants may register at  Once registered the participant will be emailed instructions on how to access the training. Members will only be able to register for one class at a time and must complete that class before registering for another class.  You may access the training platform from your PC/laptop, smart phone or tablet.  Courses can be taken at the members’ own pace and on their own time.