UAW Local 163

UAW Local 163 statement on Racial Justice and the brutal murder of George Floyd

Race-Class Solidarity:  A Winning Strategy Workshop

Hosted by:  UAW President Emeritus Bob King and UAW Local 163 - Education Committee


Coronavirus-Related Distribuiton from your VOYA Personal Savings Plan-401(k)

A letter from Vice President Terry Dittes pertaining to the CARES Act and Personal Savings Plan

Take Action

Call your Representative’s office right now at 1-866-287-6350, and call your Senator’s office at 1-888-329-5096. Make sure you let them know who you are, where you live, and that any federal legislation dealing with this pandemic protects frontline workers and working families across America.

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Letter from UAW Vice President on the 30 day - Temporary Rule

Mark "Gibby" Gibson gives an update on the COVID 19 Safety Measures being implemented inside the plant.