Detroit – The UAW announced today that upon formal filing of Article 30 charges against him, Gary Jones, through his attorney, has

Action would remove from office and expel from UAW membership The UAW’s International Executive Board, Wednesday, filed charges under Article 30 of the UAW Constitution against Gary Jones and Vance Pearson seeking to remove them from their elected positions within the UAW and to expel them from membership in the UAW.

“The UAW is focused on continuing to implement ethics reforms and greater financial controls to make sure the misconduct which has been uncovered will never happen again. Mr.

Instructions from our International President Gary Jones on the Do's and Don'ts of Picketing

Letter from Vice President Terry Dittes


GM Discontinuing - Health Care Benefits 

Strike Assistance Benefit Enrollment

UAW Strike Counselors will be enrolling members at our Union Hall on Tuesday, September 17th & Wednesday, September 18th.  You must come to the Hall on your scheduled date to fill this carbon form out.  No preprinted forms are allowed!  

Dates & Time

Tuesday, Sept. 17th, 2019

Enrolling Members with Last Name:  A - L
7 AM - 7 PM

At 11:59, UAW-GM workers began their strike.

Letter from Terry Dittes to GM Labor Relations - September 15, 2019

Bargaining Update September 14th, 2019

Vice President - Terry Dittes

Robert McKee

Powertrain Retiree

Passed Away:  August 23, 2019